Stationery I like

Reviews for things I used, and a wishlist I try to keep small.

Things I have used

Uni-ball Air Micro — Rollerball Pen

Has a tip made of some kind of plastic, super smooth to write, deep black ink with shading effect. The Micro ones have a nicer looking design.

Iggy Stationery Thin Notebooks

Great paper for the price — takes well to many pens. Subtle, sparse dot grid. Considerate design with lovely page size (bit wider than A5). Velvety cover does not go well with greasy hands. Most of the cover designs are not my style.

Globox Leather Design Notebooks

These are how you know it’s Back To School season in Turkey. As far as I can find, the only place you can get these is A-101 (TR supermarket chain). It takes well to a lot of pens — the paper quality is amazing for the price. The plain design is quite nice in my opinion, with vibrant colors or plain black/dark blue options available. I shouldn’t praise them too much, lest they become more expensive…

Things I want (curse you, JetPens)



Pen Cases