Deniz Akşimşek |

Street sign in İstanbul


I mentioned these signs in my post about the ones in Ordu and said I’d post a picture if I ever went to İstanbul. I think I just wasted my wish.

A post with two signs on it, one partially covering the other. The signs 
are colored red with a thin white strip, then a thick green strip at the 
The front one says:
"KÖKNAR CADDESİ ↞↠, [on white strip] MEHMET AKİF MAHALLESİ, [on green 
strip] ÇEKMEKÖY (TN:40 )".
The one behind says:
"BİL..". SOKAĞI, [on white strip] MEHMET AKİF MAHALLESİ, [on green strip] 

While I didn’t get to explore İstanbul due to the pandemic, I had an opportunity to see one of these for myself, with the custom-made Kent typeface and the district color codes (as you can see, I was in the lime green Çekmeköy district). When I saw one IRL, I realized that the letters are embossed — this doesn’t show through in photos.

Although these two signs are on a post, many were on the sides of buildings. I don’t like this much as it makes them harder to find. At least they don’t nail them to trees like in Samsun though.